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Olga Austryn, 23 years old from Tel Aviv, I suffered from a social complex related to food- I could not open up in front of strangers neither could I eat in front them. I confronted this pattern the most when I was in the army. I couldn't bear the fact that people would see me eating. I was sitting very hungry with everybody in the dining room unable to put anything in my mouth. Read more Hani a Cancer Survivor I arrived at Arian Lev Center when I discovered that I had an advanced breast cancer along with a cancer of the lymph nodes. I came to the center because of serious physical pain I had at that time as a result of chemotherapy. Read more Hen Balili, lost 50 lbs through subconscious therapy I arrived to the Arian Lev Center because I was looking for personal answers and wanted to know more about the subconscious world and myself. When I met Arian for the first time, I was amazed by the way she could read me, tell me things about myself I never told anyone, things that personally didn't even pay really attention to. She could get right into my soul and tell me things I knew were within but never dared to reveal. Read more Myriam-28 years old Myriam-28 years old- released fears and anxieties and connected back to her femininity as a result of subconscious therapy by the Arian Lev Method. I arrived to the Arian Lev Center for working reasons. I came to interview Arian Lev about the method and the subconscious subject in general. Read more Yossi Peretz- 42 years old, single. "I came to the Arian Lev Center when I had a strong inner frustrating feeling within me. Read more Vicky, single 32 years old I arrived to the Arian Lev Center because I wanted to investigate myself. I was looking for answers, I wanted to know who I am and discover my inner potential. Read more