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Do you feel you've got tremendous potential that want to be unleashed?


Do you feel your strength, creativity and power within but unable to put it into action?


Do you feel you are missing something in your life but don't know what?


Do you want to be in a real, stable and loving relationship?


Do you want to heal from pains and disease that remain without any answers and solutions so far?


Subconscious therapy by The Arian Lev Method will provide you with answers, solve these issues and lead you to a brand new path in your life.


The Arian Lev Method of Reprogramming the Subconscious is an experiential and short therapy process, which allows a direct and accurate access to the depths of the subconscious, locates the rooted blocking factor preventing us from succeeding and releases it from within. From this same moment your life will change to a life full of joy, satisfaction, pleasure, self-fulfillment and self-empowerment.

We, therapists at the Arian Lev Center look at our role as a mission to lead you to freedom, to the freedom within you. Call today The Arian Lev Center and set up a consultation appointment with our therapists and change your life forever.

Together we will do it!

During the last ten years over five thousand people have undergone significant breakthroughs in all areas of life, thanks to The Arian Lev Method.


What is the subconscious?

Studies show that five percent of our desires, ambitions, of what we send out to the world from within, what we experience are conscious when more than ninety five percent result from the subconscious.

From the moment we are in our mother's womb and when we come to the world, we, like a sponge, we learn about the world, design our personality, our beliefs and subconscious.

Everything that happened to us in early childhood unconsciously influences on us.

What we send out to the world, what we attract to our life, what motivates involuntary thinking and behavioral patterns and mindset are the result of internal codes that have been burned in our subconscious in early childhood.

If you feel that something in your life, no matter how much you try to change it, come back over and over again, as if something is stuck even though you know that you can, it means that there is a subconscious command saying otherwise.

We will initiate a real change and create a life full of self-achievement, personal empowerment and realizing your great potential only if we release our deep blocking conditioning and reprogram from within our subconscious.


The method works as a double therapy, when every meeting includes two sessions.

  • Subconscious therapy through deep conversation to the subconscious planes of the patient, and an accurate diagnosis of the special situation which causes the person to feel stuck.

  • Energetic healing therapy with a second therapist, at this point the same subconscious block is physically released from the body, when the work is focused on synchronization between the mental treatment and the physiological one.

An integrated and accurate treatment according to the Arian Lev Method ensures a focused and effective treatment in order, within a short time, to get an empowering new life.

The Arian Lev Method is divided in four phases: The connection phase, the Liberation Phase, the Discovery Phase and the Application Phase.


  The connection phase
In this phase an initial connection is created between your conscious life and the hidden unconscious parts of yourself affecting your life. All along the connection phase treatment, you connect to yourself, you get to know yourself better, and what you really feel, what you experience when connecting to yourself, what is right for you and what isn't… A new relationship that comes from within starts to take place between you and yourself. In this relationship you become your own best friend. You become your best support; your self-confidence and your ability to believe in yourself grow. You are connected. And if there were increased fears, guilt, or a sense of insecurity and doubts, they then disappear and a feeling of security and self-confidence arises instead of it.
  The liberation phase
This phase is the phase in which we get down into deep subconscious layers and release the internal codes that dictate the reality of your life, these codes appear as conditionings which can be compared to operative patterns burned in our subconscious without us being  aware of them at all. These conditionings determine the way we look physically, what kind of energy we send out, what we will experience, the way people perceive us, and the way the universe responds to the energy we send out. These codes are all so basic and located in such deep layers of the subconscious that they will determine the environment in which we'll live, people we'll meet, what we'll send out to the universe and the way the universe gets back to us.
This phase includes in-depth release from all negative inner cables in order to begin to live a real free life. So that you will be able to break forward, to make a change, and live the life you've always wanted when driven by true values talking about faith and tolerance towards yourself and others as well.  This step leaves the past in the past allowing you to walk towards the present and future you hoped for.
  The discovery phase
This step enables you to discover your new self, find out who you really are after the liberation of the blocking conditionings.
The discovery process is being done in the deep layers of the subconscious as well as on the super conscious level (alpha and theta brain waves). At this point you are experiencing an amazing new discovery of your self. You discover abilities you never believed reside within you.
Your personality will change and become more true and in harmony with your real self. The discovery phase gives you the possibility to write all over again the story of your life according to your own internal beliefs and your inner truth and live by it. In this stage you will discover your essence, how to live with abundance, how to feel love, and how to deal with success. The discovery phase is an experiential an empowering phase. It will feel as if your soul earned a new life. You will find out the real purpose of your true self.

  The application phase
The last stage is focused on placing new life vision along with specific and measurable objectives for its achievement. At this point we actually implement the change in all areas of life: in the body, in career, relationship, and more.  In this phase we learn to adapt new habits, with a close support of the therapist, until success.


Self -improvement Courses are also taught in the center. They will allow you explore yourself and learn a powerful and unusual knowledge:

• The secrets of the Subconscious – You will be exposed to the mysteries of the subconscious, discover the tremendous power of the subconscious and receive an extensive and in-depth knowledge about its functioning and its effect on your life. You will be investigated internally, and discover what are the motives of your thinking and behavioral patterns. You'll get better tools for communication with the environment and yourself.

• Energetic Healing – You will learn about healing energy of the universe and how to use it to cure your subconscious and yourself. You will learn specific rules in order to perform many protections and so protect yourself from the energy surrounding you. You will learn how to utilize this energy to create wealth, success, confidence and empowerment. This course helps getting acquainted to the healing energy and making the maximum use out of it so that it will improve your daily life and family significantly.

• Developing Spiritual Intelligence – This course enables you to open up to channeling, releases and strengthens your capacity of intuition. You will discover your power to see people beyond, figure out what they think and read them. The course will change your vision of the world, you will experience something different. This course will allow you to become more aware of yourself, of your forces, read people and perceive things in a different perspective. The course will open you up to your intuition and allow you to feel things that are about to happen and prepare for it. You will be exposed to the amazing and unique experience of connecting to your intuition and learn how to use it in any situation in life.

Arian Lev- Creator and Developer of the Arian Lev Method of Reprogramming the Subconscious.
Arian Lev, the founder of the unique method  in the world able to decorticate the subconscious, is known all over the world by her capacity to enter the subconscious of the patient and see his inhibiting barriers preventing him from living a happy life and realizing his potential. 

Arian Lev has investigated the subconscious for ten years by over five thousand people from around the world.  The unique and accurate method developed by Arian Lev is based on the discovery of internal codes of each patient   and a direct access to the closed inner safe located in the depths of his subconscious. The Entrance to the same safe allows accurate detection of the cause of the blocking; holding him back from living a life full of joy, and being free.  The Arian Lev Method is unique and well known worldwide. Over the past ten years, Arian treated thousands of people in Israel and abroad, among her clients are Israeli cabinet ministers, politicians, soccer players, singers and actors from all around the world. Arian Lev is famous for her charisma and her rare ability to carry people away with her and touch their hearts. These days she devotes her time to spread out the method abroad for people interested in making a significant change in their lives.

"Every one of us is a rare and special diamond and my purpose is to reveal and expose it to the world."


Patients Testimonial
 Miriam, mother of seven children: "I came to therapy suffering from deep sadness and inner pain. I couldn't speak, I had to be strong and lead everybody. Over the years I always took care of others and never myself. This place changed my life, we got to the root of the problem, the reason of the pain I had for so many years. Today I am someone else; I freed myself from the automatic inhibiting pattern of self-cancellation. I'm a happy person and I am on a new path in my life professionally and in other fields."

Orit Sariel: "I came to the center very sad, frustrated and depressed finding myself in a very difficult path of my life. I had bulimia and didn't know how to get out of it. Today I don't vomit anymore. There is another life instead full of happiness and joy with a lot of patience. I feel like a butterfly that came out to freedom.
 Israel: "I couldn't find happiness nowhere, not in relationship, not at work. My life was really bad, I was depressed all the time and I couldn't understand why. The results were above and beyond, I realized that I'm not only happy, I also can design my life the way I want."

Make the first step towards your new life!