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Therapist specialized in the Arian Lev Method of Reprogramming the Subconscious- A new career, a new mission

 The Arian Lev Center invites you to engender a dramatic change in individuals' lives and in the whole society. Join the special and exclusive club for therapists certified in the subconscious therapy by the Arian Lev Method. Join the vast and fascinating knowledge of the secrets of the subconscious and acquire a rewarding profession, a mission-releasing people from chains and subconscious blocking on the way for social change.
The Therapist Certification Program by the Arian Lev Method will unveil the password to the safe of the subconscious that is deep within each of us, giving you unique and accurate tools to make a real change in your future patients.
As a therapist certified by the Arian Lev Method, unlimited career opportunities will be offered to you as independent and international career along with ongoing support and help from the Arian Lev Center throughout the process.
(Including possibility of career at Arian Lev Center).

Subconscious therapy by the Arian Lev Method–  powerful solutions from the subconscious.
Or  The way in is the way out


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Therapist specialized in the subconscious by the Arian Lev Method

Subconscious course:
The subconscious is the inventory of all the memories and feelings, beliefs we experienced during our pregnancy time and all along our evolution as children. These beliefs direct our lives or even block us. During the training, we will learn how to reach each blocking belief, to unleash it from within and so bring a real change in the patient's life. The studies will be conducted both in theory and in practical when using techniques for reprogramming  the subconscious during therapy all along the four phases: The connection, liberation, and discovery phase.

Back to Pre-natal memories
In this course, the hidden world of prenatal memories will be revealed to you. We will learn how to get to these memories and how to release the memories that are holding us back.
Developing Spiritual Intelligence
We will learn to take advantage of the enormous power that is hidden within us. You will be exposed to the amazing and unique experience of connecting to your intuition opening areas in the brain in which lies your spiritual intelligence. We will learn how to connect it to the left side of the brain (the operational side) and how to use it during therapy, in order to enter the mind of the patient for the therapist to treat in a more focused and precise way in order to meet the patient's needs.

Holistic health by the Arian Lev method
The body is a mirror of what subconscious. By observing the body we can read the subconscious. During the school year we will learn to accurately recognize the different components of the body, and how to read through them what is happening within the patient's subconscious.

Patient-therapist relationship
At the completion of the training, we will learn what makes treatment a successful one and how to maintain optimal relationship with your patients.


Therapist specialized in Energetic Subconscious Therapy

Energetic Subconscious Healing
 At this stage, we will learn to open up to the energetic healing powers and experience strong and spiritual development. By opening the third eye, we increase our ability to look inward, to feel and to see environmental energies. These abilities will help you treat and accurately practice energetic healing in the body of the patient. We can then release the subconscious blocks. In this course your skills will develop and become stronger, you will feel that you are able to see and feel the person from within. We will also learn how these energies influence on the subconscious and how the proper use of this treatment method can change life completely.

Healing with healing stones/ crystals
We will learn about the therapeutic power of crystals, connect to their energetic frequency, compare with the patient's frequency and energy field and combine the stones in the subconscious therapy. We will also get to know the world of the chakras and the healing association of the stones with each chakra. We'll learn to combine these stones to the energetic healing therapy so that it will provide with an additional tool towards the patient change. The material learned in class is unique to The Arian Lev Method of Reprogramming the Subconscious; they are based on a research carried out during the last ten years during which Arian Lev has checked all the stone and its effect on the body for a real subconscious change and empowerment.

Holistic health by the Arian Lev method
Learn to recognize the different components of the body, how through them it is possible to read what is really happening within the patient's subconscious and so, how to incorporate this wonderful knowledge to your energetic healing ability. So that treatment would be more accurate. Moreover you have more understanding about the energetic healing effects on the human body.

Patient-therapist relationship
At the completion of the training, we will learn what makes treatment a successful one and how to maintain optimal relationship with your patients.


All the material presented is the result of Arian Lev investigation development, tested on over five thousand people. It is an innovative and breaking through knowledge allowing quick learning, personal growth, acquiring tools and a method that can significantly change your life.



Arian Lev- Creator and Developer of the Arian Lev Method of Reprogramming the Subconscious.
Arian Lev, the founder of the unique method  in the world able decorticate the subconscious, is known all over the world by her capacity to enter the subconscious of the patient and see his inhibiting barriers preventing him from living a happy life and realizing his potential.
Arian Lev has investigated the subconscious for ten years by over five thousand people from around the world.  The unique and accurate method developed by Arian Lev is based on the discovery of internal codes of each patient   and a direct access to the closed inner safe located in the depths of his subconscious. The Entrance to the same safe allows accurate detection of the cause of the blocking; holding him back from living a life full of joy, and being free.  The Arian Lev Method is unique and well known worldwide. Over the past ten years, Arian treated thousands of people in Israel and abroad, among her clients are Israeli cabinet ministers, politicians, soccer players, singers and actors from all around the world. Arian Lev is famous for her charisma and her rare ability to sweep/carry people away  with her and touch their hearts. These days she devotes her time to spread out the method abroad for people interested in making a significant change in their lives.

"Every one of us is a rare and special diamond and my purpose is to reveal and expose it to the world."




Customer testimonial


Ruth: "I always felt that I have a strong intuition and that I can read people from within. The course on the subconscious by the Arian Lev Method, not only helped me develop these abilities but also made it a financial rewarding profession.


Beni: " Being a therapist specialized in the subconscious was really made for me. I love helping other people and feel that I am fulfilling myself with a profession that helps people get rid of blocking patterns, and at the same time I acquire a new and unique career which fills my life with new light.


Barak: "During the training I developed strength and abilities I didn't believe I had; I see my patients and understand that the quality of my treatments improved. I opened my third eye, my channeling ability increased and so I can see the patients from withinand treat them better. Like for example when I treated a pregnant woman who didn't tell no one  before."


Amy: "I got a lot of knowledge about the human body and it's relation to healing. I understand how each area in the body relates to the subconscious, so that the intensity of my treatments is stronger. The energetic subconscious healing course helped me maximize my strengths. "

M.C- Clinical psychologist:" In psychology we converse with the person. With the Arian Lev Method I found the way to get inside the person and release him from within. Sometimes psychology is very frustrating as I looked for a way to release the person from within."


Gena, nurse: "This subconscious method made me understand many thingsabout myself and my family. The strength of the method along with the support of the Arian Lev team helped me make a significant change in my life. By then I was working part-time but I felt I was capable of more. I opened a clinic; and now I'm independent and helping many people. "