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Managing employees and businesses using the subconscious
Studies show that ninety five percent of our choices, capacities, desires and the prioritization of our tasks come from the subconscious.                                                                                                                      Other studies show that satisfied employees are effective, energetic and productive employees.
It is possible to connect the workers to their natural resources and their inner strength, by understanding the driving force of the subconscious and thus obtain a better output for the organization and a better implementation of its potential.
Enter a fascinating world and reach administrative and business results.   


Through the recognition and understanding of the subconscious you can obtain:

  • A fundamental and winning advantage when in conjunction with business people and managers.   
  • Better control of your organization's performance
  • Better control of business processes
  • Recognition and connection to your internal skills- a higher ability to reach your potential and to expose it
  • Change management and business performance improvement.




Study topics



How to maximize employees' potential and develop management skills through the subconscious.

Team management, organizational change, employee management, interpersonal communication, client-seller relationships in services and dealing with conflict.

Managers and salesmen & services

How to program the subconscious for reaching your goals.

Developing skills for sales, services and management.

Business people and entrepreneurs

Developing intuition.

Developing the "business sense", characterizing successful business people and entrepreneurs

Managers and professors

Developing personal charisma.

Accessing the subconscious and locating the barriers blocking expression abilities. Providing tools to overcome barriers which will bring out personal charisma features.




What is the Subconscious?
All our experiences, emotions and ways of actions come from unconscious patterns settled in our subconscious. In everyday life we prefer to focus on external things and not inwards. We believe that an employee's replacement or a supplier's will change the performance of the organization. But this thinking is wrong. Very soon we will discover that we are meeting all over again with the same feelings and situations we experienced in the past.
The only way to effect a real change is to connect to the internal resources of managers and employees and to their innate capabilities located in the depths of the subconscious. Subconscious control means better business processes and management control, realizing the enormous potential of managers, employees and the organization.
The Arian Lev Business Method enables managers and business people to receive powerful and unprecedented knowledge about the subconscious and its actions, understand the real motives of employees and thus get unique and powerful tools for motivating business and administrative processes.
Consulting and business support for head managers
The Arian Lev Center offers a diagnostic about the current administrative approach on the organization, an internal observation into the subconscious and empowering personal potential from within, examination  of the manager interactions with others and collective consultation including:


• Assistance in building the appropriate organization staff according to the organization or administration needs

• Help in selecting business partners, consultants and providers

• Coping with changes.

Who can benefit from Arian Lev Business?
The ability to access the subconscious allows accessibility to human knowledge with a tremendous impact. The method is suitable for managers who want to get more out of their business their employees and themselves. This knowledge allows you to know yourself and close relationships better as well as use your full potential. This knowledge allows you to approach your employees and connect to them on deeper levels and know how to motivate from there. This way, it will be possible to improve their performance and the entire organization.
This powerful knowledge allows marketers and salesmen to become more familiar with their targeted audience and understand how to deliver the complete messages of the organization and its content in a focused way, right into the subconscious. It will then allow to understand clients better and lead them to commit.
The Arian Lev Center offers a variety of courses, workshops and personal sessions depending on the organization needs.


Arian Lev- Creator and Developer of the Arian Lev Method of Reprogramming the Subconscious.
Arian Lev, the founder of the unique method  in the world able to decorticate the subconscious, is well known all over the world thanks to  her capacity to enter the subconscious of the patient and see his inhibiting barriers preventing him from living a happy life and realizing his potential. Arian Lev has investigated the subconscious for ten years by over five thousand people from around the world.  The unique and accurate method developed by Arian Lev is based on the discovery of internal codes of each patient   and a direct access to the closed inner safe located in the depths of his subconscious. The entrance to the same safe allows accurate detection of the cause of the blocking; holding him back from living a life full of joy, and being free.  The Arian Lev Method is unique and well known worldwide. Over the past ten years, Arian treated thousands of people in Israel and abroad, among her clients are Israeli cabinet ministers, politicians, soccer players, singers and actors from all around the world.
Arian Lev is famous for her charisma and her rare ability to carry people away  with her and touch their hearts. These days she devotes her time to spread out the method abroad for people interested in making a significant change in their lives.

"Every one of us is a rare and special diamond and my purpose is to reveal and expose it to the world."


Customer testimonial:

Meital Dohan, singer and actress: "I got the strength to enter my subconscious and recognize my true abilities. The tools I got from Arian Lev gave me the strength and courage to cope with my professional and personal life. From our meetings, I have discovered the part of my abilities as an actress, and displayed my talents which until then were just a sweet dream. "

Carmela Nakash, Coordinator of courses and workshops-The municipality of Ramat Gan, Israel: "I have worked with Arian Lev at The Arian Lev Center during the years 2007-2009, during which we have conducted workshops for subconscious professional training. The courses were engaging and meaningful; I saw people sitting fascinated and taking every word in, not even willing to take a break. This is something that I have never seen in eight years that I have been working in the field of organization's development training. The lectures were fascinating, applicable, and brought the learners extensive and practical knowledge. "