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The Arian Lev Method of Reprogramming the Subconscious


The Arian Lev Method of Reprogramming the Subconscious allows a direct access to the depths of the subconscious, identifies the blocking factor and releases it enabling all person to live a life full of joy, satisfaction, pleasure and self-fulfillment.


The method was developed in Israel in 2001 and was Arian Lev's personal investigation. In those days, Arian Lev suffered from bulimia and began to get into a deep research. She was determined to find out the root of the problem. As part of her investigation, she studied many seminars and participated in many courses and so started to treat people who suffered from eating disorders and low self-esteem.
Along with time, Arian's investigation developed and became a phenomenon when she discovered the power of the subconscious, its structure and its way of working with the brain.
The discovery was so meaningful that it led to a breakthrough and became the fundamentals of the Arian Lev Method.

The Arian Lev Method of reprogramming the subconscious is an effective method that allows direct access to the depths of the subconscious and discovers the blocking factor that prevents the person from moving forward in their lives and living a life full of joy, freedom, light and fun.
The method has been proven to be very efficient in various fields such as: career, the ability to earn money and keep it, slimming, love relationships, overcoming anxiety, fear of crowds, physical diseases.
Recently the method has investigated and discovered that therapy by the Arian Lev Method moderates and balances attention deficit disorder (ADD) and dyslexia.
Arian Lev claims that all the problems we are dealing with everyday are symptoms that are created as a result of subconscious blocks. The Arian Lev Method is the method that enables direct access to the depths of the subconscious, finding the rooted cause of the blocking, releases it completely, so that the person undergoing treatment feels total freedom in all areas of life. 

Arian Lev claims "all the life events we deal with today eventually drain to one root", and that root "The Arian Lev Method of reprogramming the subconscious knows how to locate it and treat it."
The treatment is divided into four phases: the connection phase, the liberation phase, the discovery phase and the application phase.
The treatment combines a two-hour session; the first hour is based on a conversational therapy during which the therapist specialized in the Arian Lev Method  gets down to the depths of the subconscious, into the depths of the mental movie that nourishes the subconscious and changes it from the inside. It does so by conversation through direct access to alpha waves.
The other therapist treats using energetic healing through unique healing techniques of the method, in order to accurately release from the body those specific events that have been released during the subconscious therapy conversation. The body is the mirror of the subconscious and absolutely reflects the subconscious and what is written in it. So the goal in energetic healing therapy is to accurately release what has been released from the mental field.

Thus accurate treatment into the subconscious in the mental and physical levels enables a quick and powerful healing. The treatment itself is divided into four phases which represent four stages of development. Each of them has a different purpose and intends to provide another dimension of treatment towards development and action.



  The connection phase
In this phase an initial connection is created between your conscious life and the hidden unconscious parts of yourself affecting your life. All along the connection phase treatment, you connect to yourself, you get to know yourself better, and what you really feel, what you experience when connecting to yourself, what is right for you and what isn't… A new relationship that comes from within starts to take place between you and yourself. In this relationship you become your own best friend. You become your best support; your self-confidence and your ability to believe in yourself grow. You are connected. And if there were increased fears, guilt, or a sense of insecurity and doubts, they then disappear and a feeling of security and self-confidence arises instead of it.
  The liberation phase
This phase is the phase in which we get down into deep subconscious layers and release the internal codes that dictate the reality of your life, these codes appear as conditionings which can be compared to operative patterns burned in our subconscious without us being  aware of them at all. These conditionings determine the way we look physically, what kind of energy we send out, what we will experience, the way people perceive us, and the way the universe responds to the energy we send out. These codes are all so basic and located in such deep layers of the subconscious that they will determine the environment in which we'll live, people we'll meet, what we'll send out to the universe and the way the universe gets back to us.
This phase includes in-depth release from all negative inner cables in order to begin to live a real free life. So that you will be able to break forward, to make a change, and live the life you've always wanted when driven by true values talking about faith and tolerance towards yourself and others as well.  This step leaves the past in the past allowing you to walk towards the present and future you hoped for.
  The discovery phase
This step enables you to discover your new self, find out who you really are after the liberation of the blocking conditionings.
The discovery process is being done in the deep layers of the subconscious as well as on the super conscious level (alpha and theta brain waves). At this point you are experiencing an amazing new discovery of your self. You discover abilities you never believed reside within you.
Your personality will change and become more true and in harmony with your real self. The discovery phase gives you the possibility to write all over again the story of your life according to your own internal beliefs and your inner truth and live by it. In this stage you will discover your essence, how to live with abundance, how to feel love, and how to deal with success. The discovery phase is an experiential an empowering phase. It will feel as if your soul earned a new life. You will find out the real purpose of your true self.

  The application phase
The last stage is focused on placing new life vision along with specific and measurable objectives for its achievement. At this point we actually implement the change in all areas of life: in the body, in career, relationship, and more.  In this phase we learn to adapt new habits, with a close support of the therapist, until success.