The center for life changing use the subconscious

About the Arian Lev Institute


The Arian Lev Institute opened in 2006 and is located in Tel Aviv.

Institute is first of all a home; a warm and loving home to all the patients and students.  The Arian Lev Institute grew along with its patients who cured and released themselves from the cables in their subconscious.  They had a message and the knowledge and so they wanted to pass it on to their family members, to their friends and to all people.
The Arian Lev Center has been opened to the public for seven years and has treated more than five thousand people in Israel and from all over the world.


The Arian Lev Center includes three departments:




this is the therapy department in which we treat into deep subconscious levels. Everyone comes with its particular personal issue to be solved. After a set of treatments, the patient comes out of therapy when feeling free and released from all resistance and fears that were within them and driving them beforehand. It is always very exciting for us to see people at the beginning of the treatment hurting, frightened, not trusting, some very closed up and after deep subconscious treatment bringing to self-empowerment, people look enlightened and happy again. They glow; they are full of strength and motivation, ready to live their lives with much love, passion and pleasure.


The Arian Lev College Department

This department is designed to teach and train therapists.  Many people wish to learn the method and acquire the knowledge we propose and so, make it a real profession which enables an attractive income along with providing help to others through self-empowerment. In our college we teach the science of the subconscious according to the Arian Lev Method (certificated) on two tracks: The energetic subconscious healing and therapist specialized in subconscious.

The two tracks allow students to access the deep subconscious levels of the patient, help him change and reprogram his subconscious. This is the most powerful learning materials; many of our graduated students have claimed that their learning process changed their lives and enabled them to deepen and learn unique and profound knowledge which changed them radically.

We are pleased to add to our services many therapists that are connected to our vision and help us realizing it.



The Business department

It is designed to provide this unprecedented knowledge to the business field and allow businesses a direct access to the subconscious in order to become stronger using their subconscious. This knowledge will allow business owners to understand themselves and others better, and know how to take advantage of the amazing capabilities of the subconscious to enhance and increase their hidden potential and thereby increase the business production.

Knowing the power of the subconscious, how it works and having the ability to empower ourselves through it, can be a huge and empowering breakthrough for all organization that chose to do so. These studies constitute workshops for management, targeting executive development for better inter-personal employees' management and the development of management skills.

Our team: is made of very dear people, therapists and teachers. They all were once patients that wanted to make a real change in their lives. They all went through a complete change, learned the curriculum, have been trained to become therapists and treat many people with all their heart, with passion, love and a profound will to help and liberate many people from their pain.

We, at the Arian Lev Center see ourselves as a devoted and loyal place willing to give the opportunity to everyone to heal and break free.

We are here to allow you to get a life of freedom, liberty, love, happiness and satisfaction.