The center for life changing use the subconscious

About Arian Lev

Arian Lev, thirty seven years old from Tel Aviv, graduated from Haifa University, obtained a BA in Humanities.  She investigated the subconscious and its influence on the reality of our life.
Arian Lev unveiled unprecedented knowledge about the subconscious and its operation. And found internal codes which link the subconscious and the brain and significantly determine how we live, the way we feel or think, how much we earn, what we send out to the universe and what we bring into our lives.
Arian Lev claims that as long as these codes are located in the subconscious, it is difficult for the person to make a significant change in his life, to enjoy abundance, love and health.
During her investigation Arian Lev treated more than five thousand people, among her clients are cabinet ministers, politicians, soccer players, singers and actors.

In 2006- Arian Lev established the Arian Lev Center which provides therapy services to every level of the population and most of the world. The therapy allows a direct access to the subconscious and to its internal codes and releases the codes in a very accurate way which leads to a significant change in all human life.

In 2006- Arian was elected the Woman of the Year from the Organization Neta (Women in Technology and Business) as an entrepreneur and developer of a method.

In 2007 – Arian won in the one of the national leading newspaper edition "Maariv" the title of "The best there is" as the leader in the subconscious field in Israel.

In 2011 – Arian Lev was specified by Adelle Nazarian, a Fox News reporter as the woman that developed a breakthrough in psychology that will bring peace in the Middle East and the world.

"Every one of us is a rare and special diamond and my purpose is to reveal and expose it to the world."